How To Catch Cheating Spouse – The 10 Infidelity Signs

How To Catch Cheating Spouse?

How do you know if your spouse is cheating on you?

If you think that they really are cheating on you and is wondering how to catch cheating spouse, you must first look for evidences. Before trying to monitor on their movements or hire some private investigators you may really want to make sure you know what the signs are when your spouse is cheating on you.

Here is a list of a few things that should give you a hint that they may be cheating. They are not listed in any particular order.

Infidelity Signs 1 – Sudden Physical Changes

When your spouse is seeing someone other than you, you can bet that they would really want to dress up to look good. So watch out for these sudden changes. If they do are not doing it to impress you then you can bet they are trying to impress someone else. If they dress up more than they normally do and appears unusual to you, you may be cheated on.

Infidelity Signs 2 – Working Late

There are really times when your spouse has to do some overtime work to cope up with the demands in the work area. It will usually be in their career that they may have to work late. It is understandable that overtime work can never be avoided but when you think that there is an unusual pattern in their work hours then you might just want to investigate a little more. So see if their working hours are credible.

Infidelity Signs 3 – You Have A Hard Time Talking To Them

Have you noticed anything unusual with your communication with your spouse? If you find it unusual for your spouse not to talk to you or has not approached you the way they used to, then there may be problems that are brewing up. They can be any problems in work or in your relationship or they could also be cheating. Sometimes when a spouse is cheating, they usually give a little distance from their spouse so that they will not make a mistake by accidentally revealing that they have an affair with someone else.

Infidelity Signs 4 – Spending Too Much Time With Friends

Although spending time with friends do not really mean they are cheating. Relationships are stronger when friends are in the relationship circle. What is meant about spending too much time with friends is about the emergence of new friends which you may not know much about. So try to look into that aspect too.

Infidelity Signs 5 – You Do Not Know Where They Will Be

You should be able to know where they are and where they will be. It is your right as a spouse to know where they will be heading to. If you do not know where they are or where they will be headed for, then you better brace yourself on the thought that they could be actually cheating on you. When they get home, they better have a good reason for their disappearance.

Infidelity Signs 6 – Decreased Or No Sexual Encounters At All

When you notice that your sexual encounters with your spouse becomes less and less then there may be cheating that is happening. They may be having sexual activities outside your relationship and the sexual satisfaction they get in cheating is enough for them that when they do get back home, they are no longer interested in having sex with you.

Infidelity Signs 7 – Rumors Are Surfacing

Rumors can spread when your spouse talks about their affairs to other. Rumors can spread like wildfire so you may want to listen intently on these rumors. You may be surprised of the things you can hear from these rumors.

Infidelity Signs 8 – Your Spouse Is Being Defensive

You may be surprised that you find some friends of your spouse are new. If you will ask them for information about them just because you are curious, they will curl up into a defensive mode and will answer that they are just friends. You would be surprised by her reaction to your query and so this is a hint you should take heed on.

Infidelity Signs 9 – Your Spouse Accuses You

Cheating is rampant in our time today and your spouse is suddenly accusing you of being a cheater for no apparent reason. You must ask yourself if this is their way to lessen the guilt they have and try to counter it by blaming someone else for their actions.

Infidelity Signs 10 – Bad Intuitions

Do not dismiss your intuitions. If you have a bad feeling, you can follow what your mind and heart say. Look for ways to prove your theories.

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