How to Tell If She Is Cheating on You – 4 Signs of a Cheating Wife Part 2


This is the 2nd part of the article: How to Tell If She Is Cheating on You

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How to tell if she is cheating on you? Here are the 3rd and 4th signs you should look out for.

3. Her Phone Bills Has Increased

Probably, one of the easiest ways to catch a cheating wife is to volunteer to pay the bills. This way, you will be able to catch her without arousing her suspicion that you are checking on her.

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In a lot of relationships, it is usually the women who handle the payment of the bills. Now, it is time to take over this responsibility. By doing so, you will have the opportunity to examine your wife’s cell phone bills.

It will also be useful if you can get your hand on your wife’s cell phone. You will want to examine the phone numbers to see who she calls and who calls her. You will also want to check the text messages of picture messages if any. Basically, you are trying t find out if there are any signs of phone flirting.

You will also want to examine her credit card bills. Are there expenses listed for restaurants, hotel rooms or vacations that you have no idea about? Although it is usually a man who pay these kind of bills, sometimes, a woman may pay for it too.

If you find these kind of unexplained expenses, there is a possibility that your wife may be cheating on you.

4. Her Behavior Is Sneaky

Sneaky behavior can usually mean that an extramarital affair is taking place. You might want to ask yourself a few questions regarding this:

a) Is your wife spending a lot of time on the phone or internet recently when she doesn’t do so in the past?

b) When you ask her why, does she give “nothing” or “none of your business” kind of answer?

c) Does you wife hang up the phone automatically or does she lower her volume whenever you enter the room?

d) Does your wife shut down the computer or try to prevent you from seeing anything when you enter the room?

If you answer yes to the above questions, it may mean that your wife is cheating on you and is trying to cover up the affair.

The 4 signs mentioned above are just some of the more common ones. If you are wondering how to tell if she is cheating on you, you will have to keep your ears and eyes open.

As careful as cheaters can be, they will eventually slip up at one time or another. This is the best timing to catch a cheating spouse. If you are aware of what you need to look out for, you will have no problem in catching a cheating wife.

Once you have confirmed that your wife is really cheating and you have gathered sufficient evidence, be sure not to confront her in front of the kids. Also, regardless of how angry you may be, never raise your voice or resort to violence.

While it may be difficult for you to control your emotions, approaching the situation calmly will allow both of you to have an honest discussion. After that, you can make a better decision on what will happen to you and your relationship.

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