Signs of a Cheating Partner – Very Obvious Behavioral Changes Part 2


This is part 2 of Signs of a Cheating Partner

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Signs of a Cheating Partner Part 1

When they try to dress to impress, you better watch out. A new wardrobe may mean something else. This will go hand in hand with the way they want to impress someone.

You may need to sound the alarms if their wardrobe includes them featuring their “assets” for everyone to see.

Also look into their behavior when using the phone. Try to observe how they receive calls or make calls.

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When they talk on the phone, try to observe if they lower their voices when you are near them. Watch out for quick hanging of the phones, they may be on heightened alert when talking with someone they have an affair with. Increased phone use is also one of the possible signs of a cheating partner. So try to look into their personal phones if you can.

Aside from your spouse, try to look into their friends too. Your spouse may share something to them that you may not have any knowledge about. So if their friends act differently with you, this can be because they may feel guilty or is afraid of making accidental things like saying their secrets to you. So they must have a certain degree of distance so that they will not be the ones to spill the beans.

The hints that are mentioned above are only warning signs of cheating but can also be wrong at times due to the behavior of your spouse. They may just want to look good or stay fit. So be sure not to misinterpret some gestures made by your spouse.

These are just hints and cannot be considered as hard evidence against them. They serve as your warning signs for you to make actions on. You can monitor their behavior and phone call or you can hire a private investigator. You should never face them with the problem head on without those evidences in your hands.

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