Talking to Your Son about His Cheating Ways


Every loving parent would always like to see their son grow up to be a more mature and responsible young man.

Someone who will soon become a loyal and trustworthy husband to his wife. Eventually, with the proper guidance, they will soon make it up that way.

But for the mean time, they will eventually experience obstacles and mistakes which are part of growing up. And a number of these mistakes may involve breaking the hearts of a few.

Statistically speaking, a number of boys are cheating on their girlfriends, they are often times referred to as “players”. It may be hard to swallow that your son may have been part of this deviant act.

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So what actions should a responsible parent take when confronted with this kind of problem? Well if you have just discovered that you son is a certified player; here are some possible ways to handle the situation.

The first approach is to stay out of the complicated situation completely. Since life is a learning process, we should allow our son to internalize this experience of his and allow him to learn from his mistakes.

Allowing this kind of situation to unfold on its own will present several benefits, that is if you believe in this line of thinking, then it is best to leave the situation as it is. But if you think that ignoring the situation will only lead to jeopardizing your son’s health and safety, as well as the health and probably the safety of others, then it is best that you confront the problem.

Putting things into a different perspective may be an effective approach to your son’s situation. This is done by exploring your son’s sense of decency. Asking him to put himself in the girl’s shoes, asking him how it would feel if you have given your trust to someone and that someone violated that trust.

You might be surprised how effective this activity is. Most of the time, it only takes a simple reminder that we all share the same hurt and pain for a person to get back to his senses.

Discussing the consequences of their actions with your son may be as simple as we assume that it is just a matter of a fact discussion, but for a teenager who apparently lives in the moment, the ideas or consequences may not be as concrete as what we have in mind probably because the magnitude of these consequences may have not yet entered into their systems.

Your son may have not even thought that with his actions, he could loose the chance of having his girlfriend for a loving wife. These actions may cause a big impact on your son’s relationship in the future.

If you are probably worried that you seem to appear as being over protective of your son, then it is advisable that you take a “cool” approach. At this stage of development, your son’s peers are an important factor in determining his actions and decisions.

This translates that your son seeks approval from his peers, a cloud of assumption that having a lot of girlfriends is “cool” should be deemed of as wrong. As a responsible parent, try to be able to convince your child that one does not need multiple relationships to be labeled as cool.

By applying the above steps in helping your son cope with cheating, you are helping your son build a decent future. However, if you are not successful in convincing your son to stop cheating, do not lose hope.

Let time do its job, because one day he will meet that special girl who he will love and respect. Until then, it is still your responsibility to guide this young man even if it means voicing out your dissatisfaction.

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