Why Men Have Affairs – 5 Reasons Why Men Cheat Part 2

This is part 2 of Why Men Have Affairs

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3 – To Improve their Self Confidence

There will always be a time in a woman’s life when looking at the mirror and thinks to herself what is happening to me. As with women, men also comes to this point wherein they are unsure of themselves.

This could be due to their age, a change in the physical appearance and even a decrease in their self confidence. When they come to this point, they may not like they see in them and would take on uplifting experiences to improve their feelings.

Step By Step Plan To Gather Solid

However, there are some men who do not find activities like skydiving and rock climbing adventurous enough and will go for cheating. There are men who find this more thrilling.

4 – Easy Access

The common mistakes among women is that they always assume that the external relationships made by their husbands and boyfriends are long term and that will last for several months or years.

Well, to correct that thinking, majority of the men who cheat only do so because of the convenience. This usually takes in the form of one night stands wherein they have a sexual encounter with another woman and then he returns home.

There is a big possibility that he will never see that woman again. The common factor that leads to one night stands is alcohol.

5 – No Reason At All

Why men have affairs? You must also know that there are men who do not have to have reasons to cheat in the relationship. There are men who are just insensitive and do not care to think of the hurtful feelings he will cause by cheating.

There are also other men who just happen to make that mistake. When you do not see any clear reason why he is cheating, do not dwell on this too much, instead, and focus on your plans to act on it. it is more important than dwelling on the reasons that are not there in the first place.

Why men have affairs? Men do have many reasons to cheat but you must know that men are not the only ones who cheat. Some women are just as insensitive as well. Do not be like them by cheating just to take revenge. You are better than that.

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